the emporium

106.9 the emporium - western iowa's alternative music collection

hello there. you've found the website of a radio station called the emporium.

so, what exactly do we mean by alternative? while we do play alternative music, we also play music that isn't necessarily alternative. not only does alternative mean "alternative music", alternative means different. this playlist is definitely unique, at least around these parts.

what can you expect to hear? just about anything I like, really. alt pop, alt rock, indietronica, pop, rock, the list goes on. about the only thing I try to keep out of the playlist is stuff I play on the river, or stuff I just don't like.

if all of this sounds neat, you're probably wanting to listen to us. while we are over the air on 106.9 somewhere in western iowa, you probably can't get us that way. no worries, we have a stream you can listen to.

like a song and want us to play it? just let us know and we'll get it in the playlist if we like it. if not, we'll let you know.

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